No matter where you are on your early parenthood journey, My Blossoming Family is here to offer support. You may have just discovered you’re pregnant, need some support during the first few months of becoming a parent or breastfeeding, be starting solids or facing sleep challenges. Whatever it may be, My Blossoming Family always start by getting to know you and your family, so we can create a support package that works best for you as a whole. Our programs are 100% tailored to you. Whether you want ongoing support, ante-natal classes specific to your needs, flexible month-to-month advice, support over the phone or one-to-one in your home, we will work together to come up with the right approach for you.


Discovering you’re pregnant is an emotional time. Depending on your journey it can be a surprise, you may be full of excitement and joy, and perhaps some nerves, uncertainty and trepidation. The prospect of giving birth is daunting for many and it’s not uncommon for women to feel fearful. As you prepare for parenthood, whether as a solo parent or with your partner, there will be questions. If it’s your first baby, this is completely new territory, you’re not expected to be the expert. What you’re starting is a journey of discovery which will be unique to your family based on what you value, what your expectations are and the temperament of your baby.

My Blossoming Family can be a valuable part of that journey. We can help you to set strong foundations in your pregnancy to take care of yourself and your baby, prepare for birth and also for the first few months as a new parent. All of our support is specific to the families we work with and what they want to achieve. We can offer birth, also called ante-natal, classes to help give you clarity on your options, understand the stages of labour and learn techniques for a calm birth. We can offer guidance on what you will need, what to expect and some techniques that will be helpful when caring for a newborn.




Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs there is. There’s the overwhelming love and responsibility you are likely to feel for your newborn, plus the inevitable tiredness that comes hand-in-hand with a small baby. There is a big adjustment for many women as they get used to the emotional, physical and life changes. Add to that the huge amount of information which is often conflicting, and life can sometimes become challenging in these first few months.

Of course, everyone is different and have access to different support networks and coping strategies. If you feel like some guidance, kindness and clarity would be a welcome relief, My Blossoming Family is here to help. Our post-natal support options are designed to help new mums and parents to take care of your bodies and recover, gently and at your own pace, after pregnancy and childbirth. My Blossoming Family helps with day-to-day approaches to taking care of yourself and your new baby, including help with sleep, settling and breastfeeding. We also help with strategies for coping with the challenging situations, including working with your family after normal business hours or overnight. We can help sort the fact from the fiction, to give you simple tools and strategies that you, your baby and your family feel comfortable with.




As your baby grows and develops, and your family moves from the Newborn phase to caring for an older baby, there are lots of new, exciting and challenging milestones. From dealing with sleep challenges and understanding developmental milestones, to introducing solids, it might feel like there’s a new learning curve, and potentially a new worry, every day! Parents naturally compare themselves and their baby with others and sometimes feelings of self-doubt and worries that you’re not good enough can creep in.

The simple answer is you’re more than good enough. My Blossoming Family can help give you the guidance and confidence to trust your own instincts, cut through the confusion (because let’s face it everyone and their dog has an opinion!) and feel empowered to make the right decisions for your family.




My name’s Miriam. I’m a mum, midwife, nurse, qualified sleep consultant and fitness coach with over 11 years experience. I understand this is a wonderful experience but it can have it’s challenges. Most importantly I’m here to chat to see if I might be able to help you along the journey whenever you feel you might need it. Just let me know…

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My Blossoming Family offers holistic support to families during pregnancy, birth and the early stages of parenthood.


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