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As a first time mother with little in the way of local family support, Miriam’s help since our beautiful baby daughter arrived 6 months ago, has been invaluable. Her deep knowledge of babies, gained from both research and personal experience, has enabled me to cut through a lot of the often confusing information out there and make mothering decisions with confidence; And where more specialized knowledge has been required, Miriam has been able to connect me with relevant experts from her expansive network. What I believe to have been the most valuable contribution however, is that Miriam has empowered me in a way which has built confidence. She has always been accessible, reliable and made me feel at ease. She is intuitive, deeply empathetic and has a genuine connection with people - especially with babies.

Peaceful Newborn


For us, being a whole state away from any immediate family and starting our family in Sydney has been a struggle. Not to mention everything else we’ve been through, we’ve had our fair share of tough times. Don’t get me wrong, each little hurdle and bump along the way we’ve cherished, to be learning and growing as a family with each and every change in our day to day lives has been a blessing, but one thing we’ve appreciated more than anything is being referred to Miriam for help, guidance and unconditional support when we have needed it. Bella is honestly a little dream (now that I’ve said that I bet you she’ll wake every hour tonight you watch) but, I’ve also had my fair share of down days/ days when I just need help with anything and everything. Hey, I’d love to have my mum just around the corner but truth is I don’t (even though she’s up here quite regularly, thanks mum ) & that’s where Miriam steps in. Miriam has been nothing short of amazing with this, she comes in and takes over whenever you need or just sits and listens as a sounding board if that’s what you need most. There’s no judgement and no stress, her main goal is to support and guide you. Even if that is to sit at home for cuddles on the couch with Bella while mum & dad sneak out for a date night, or to give us a night off feeds and get to bed early for once, she’s there for whatever you need most. She is a very special soul, and we honestly can’t thank her enough. So, once again, thank you Miriam, for absolutely everything.

Newborn Baby with Mom


Miriam saved us over the first 6 months of having my miracle baby boy. She helped us with nights so i could get some much needed sleep, as well as daily guidance on basically how to look after a baby! She is very loving and trustworthy and we loved Miriam's holistic approach. Will continue ongoing help and guidance though the many ever changing leaps and bounds of the first year of having a baby. Miriam was incredible at sleep training our baby from waking up every hour at 5 months old, to sleeping 12 hours now at night!! its incredible! could not of done it without her. Highly recommend Miriam to any new mum needing help with their little bub!!! xx Zoe

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