The story of My Blossoming Family started over a decade ago. My desire to offer nurture and support has always been a big part of my personal make-up, so becoming a nurse and midwife was a natural choice for me.

I love my role as mum to two beautiful children (most of the time). I also understand firsthand the emotional rollercoaster and many of the challenges that come with parenting babies and young children, as well as balancing siblings of quite different ages. I’m passionate about assisting families through the journey from pregnancy and birth, to the first steps on their parenting journey and beyond. I know in my heart that this is my passion and assisting families was my purpose.

I‘ve worked as a midwife in several private and public hospitals. Most recently I was very blessed to support leading obstetrician, Dr Sarah Woodbury as her midwife. During this time, I was able to work closely with women and families throughout the parenting journey. In the last 5 years, I have completed my Certificate in Personal Training providing me with more knowledge to assist my clients. I also hold a Child Sleep Consultant Certification from the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. This qualification opened my eyes to a holistic care model and the importance of addressing all parts of family life – not just one.

The expectation of parenting and the reality can be two very different things. Many times, I’ve had the conversation with parents around the complexity and sheer volume of information, and the inflexibility and pressure that sometimes comes with that information. This situation typically leaves families confused, upset and second-guessing the decisions they are making for their baby and family.

My diverse skills, experience and qualifications allow me to create a more complete, nurturing and flexible care model through My Blossoming Family. Every family is different. My goal is to create a tailored support program that will see families become more confident, informed and empowered. It is important to me that my clients feel supported, validated and cared for. I offer relevant and current information without judgement or assumption.

Through the many beautiful and rewarding relationships I have been blessed to develop through My Blossoming Family, I’ve seen families return to a place of harmony and embrace their parenting journey. I would love to celebrate the many wins you will have along the way and support you through the challenging times; and there will be some of these too.



Miriam has supported me during the birth and first six weeks (and beyond!) of my three children. Her kind, caring and gentle approach is just what I needed. There’s no judgment and no stress, just unconditional support as she leads you to make your own decisions around caring for your newborn. She went above and beyond what we expected, to care, not just me, but for each of my children. It’s such a special time around the birth of your children, and she is a special person to have involved.
Felicity Harley

Miriam has been the best investment for our family; from pregnancy to antenatal classes, labour, delivery and advice from newborn to toddlers. She has been our go to in all areas with sound and on point advice in all areas and aspects. Due to our busy schedules and travel it has been invaluable having Miriam to call on to get comfort, advice and support.  We would highly recommend Miriam to all families and would definitely invest in her expertise if we were to have another bundle.
Andrew and Frances

I’m not sure I have words that don’t amount to clichés to describe the service that Miriam offers. She is nothing short of an angel and uses her skills and knowledge to provide reassurance and assistance in a direct, nurturing way. Miriam provided me with the foundations and confidence to not just survive those first foggy, giddy, terrifying weeks of new motherhood, but to really enjoy it. Thank you, Miriam, for everything. Team Kirby couldn’t have done it without you.
The Kirby Family



As a first-time mother, with little in the way of local family support, Miriam’s help since our beautiful baby daughter arrived 6 months ago, has been invaluable. Her deep knowledge of babies, gained from both research and personal experience, has enabled me to cut through a lot of the often confusing information out there and make mothering decisions with confidence. And where more specialised knowledge has been required, Miriam has been able to connect me with relevant experts from her expansive network. What I believe to have been the most valuable contribution however, is that Miriam has empowered me in a way which has built confidence. She has always been accessible, reliable and made me feel at ease. She is intuitive, deeply empathetic and has a genuine connection with people – especially with babies. Thank you, Miriam, for all you’ve done for India and I. You have made what has been a very steep learning curve far less scary – I only wish all mothers had someone like you to help them through this precious, but often challenging time. 
Kim Fox

Included in the Sydney Swans Football Club comprehensive support program for our players, partners, and young families is the specialised services provided by Miriam Agnew’s Blossoming Bods business.  
Dennis Carroll, Player Welfare and Development Manager



My name’s Miriam. I’m a mum, midwife, nurse, qualified sleep consultant and fitness coach with over 11 years experience. I understand this is a wonderful experience but it can have it’s challenges. Most importantly I’m here to chat to see if I might be able to help you along the journey whenever you feel you might need it. Just let me know…


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My Blossoming Family offers holistic support to families during pregnancy, birth and the early stages of parenthood.


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