My Blossoming Family, is an online parent community for prenatal and postnatal support.

Our Mission is to enable growing families to embrace the ups and downs from preparing for birth and parenting, to caring for Baby and You the Parent/s.

Welcome Thriving Parents! 

We offer our clients personal support groups and resources in the comfort and security of their own home. Founder, Miriam Agnew, Midwife for 14 years and proud Mum for 13, provides knowledge, support and guidance for parents to feel empowered on your new parenting journey.

Your Family Blossoms Here!

Thriving Parents

No matter where you are on your early parenthood journey, My Blossoming Family is here to offer support. This is no cookie-cutter method to support it tailored to your needs.

Pregnancy, Birth and Preparing to be a Parent

My Blossoming Family can be a valuable part of that journey. We can help you to set strong foundations in your pregnancy to take care of yourself and your baby, prepare for birth and also for the first few months as a new parent. All of our support is specific to the families we work with and what they want to achieve.

Newborn and Early Parenting

Of course, everyone is different and have access to different support networks and coping strategies. If you feel like some guidance, kindness and clarity would be a welcome relief, My Blossoming Family is here to help. Our post-natal support options are designed to help new mums and parents to take care of your bodies and recover, gently and at your own pace, after pregnancy and childbirth