My Blossoming Family takes a whole family approach to create a sense of harmony. We enable growing families to embrace the ups and downs from preparing for birth and parenting, to caring for baby, sleep and introducing solids. We offer our clients tailored, personal support packages in the comfort and security of their own home. Founder, Miriam Agnew, provides knowledge, support and guidance for parents to feel empowered on your journey: bonded and in tune with your baby, at peace with yourself, unified as a couple and connected to a support network.

You & Your Family

Having a baby is the start of a life changing journey unique to you. It is shaped by your hopes, expectations, lifestyle and experiences. I will embrace that uniqueness and always keep an open-mind to the needs of your family.

Guidance, No Judgement

To bring someone into your home and give them total visibility into your life and your most intimate worries, can be daunting. When you invite me into your world, you will be heard with respect and encouragement, and without judgement.

Time to Enjoy the Journey

I’m here for you. I won’t promise perfection every day, it’s unfair and unrealistic to expect that of you. There will be dirty dishes and tantrums. What I can help with is the resilience to embrace it all and enjoy (most of) the journey!

Clarity & Calm

I understand how unfamiliar, overwhelming and exhausting this is. There’s so much to take in, and the information is often conflicting. You’re not alone. I am your biggest supporter. I’ll help quiet the noise and give you the headspace and confidence to listen to and trust yourself.

Online Course: Thriving In The First 6 Weeks


This course was created for mums and families who are seeking guidance, care and support in the first 6 weeks of their parenting journey. It can be tough! And this program is here to build confidence, educate and guide, wherever you are, whenever you need.

Miriam and a group of leading experts in their field, all share their wisdom, experience and knowledge in a concise, non-judgemental and engaging format.

Videos, audios and transcripts available for all learning preferences. 


My name’s Miriam. I’m a mum, midwife, nurse, qualified sleep consultant and fitness coach with over 11 years experience. I understand this is a wonderful experience but it can have it’s challenges. Most importantly I’m here to chat to see if I might be able to help you along the journey whenever you feel you might need it. Just let me know…

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My name is Miriam Agnew and My Blossoming Family is my baby (well, one of them at least!). It’s been a labour of love for quite some time whilst I’ve continued to expand my knowledge, and develop and broaden my skill set. All with the goal of being able to give families the best possible support and care through their pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey.

I’m a mum to two beautiful children, so I understand the great highs and sometimes lows that come hand-in-hand with becoming a parent. I feel very strongly that assisting families through the journey from pregnancy and birth, to the first steps on their parenting journey and beyond is my purpose.

I‘ve worked as a midwife for over a decade, completed my Certificate in Personal Training and hold a Child Sleep Consultant Certification from the International Maternity and Parenting Institute.

It is these skills and qualifications that allow me to create a more holistic care model through My Blossoming Family. I want to be able to celebrate the many wins that you will have along the way and support you through the challenging times; because there’ll be one or two or those too!

My Blossoming Family offers holistic support to families during pregnancy, birth and the early stages of parenthood.


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