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My Blossoming Family takes a whole family approach to create a sense of harmony. We enable growing families to embrace the ups and downs from preparing for birth and parenting, to caring for baby, sleep and introducing solids. We offer our clients tailored, personal support packages in the comfort and security of their own home. Founder, Miriam Agnew, provides knowledge, support and guidance for parents to feel empowered on your journey: bonded and in tune with your baby, at peace with yourself, unified as a couple and connected to a support network.

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No matter where you are on your early parenthood journey, My Blossoming Family is here to offer support. You may have just discovered you’re pregnant, need some support during the first few months of becoming a parent or breastfeeding, be starting solids or facing sleep challenges. Whatever it may be, My Blossoming Family always start by getting to know you and your family, so we can create a support package that works best for you as a whole. Our programs are 100% tailored to you. Whether you want ongoing support, ante-natal classes specific to your needs, flexible month-to-month advice, support over the phone or one-to-one in your home, we will work together to come up with the right approach for you.

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